Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Make Yellow Tofu

Yellow tofu is one of version of tofu. Actually, yellow tofu can be made from white tofu that continued by adding dye. The key to make yellow color comes from turmeric. As source of natural yellow color, turmeric has many benefits for health, such as for arthristis-rheumatodi, osteo-arthristis because it contains active substance natrium deklofenak, piroksikam, and fenil butason. Besides that, turmeric also has medical benefits such as to stop bleeding, prevent blood clotting, curing itching, and turmeric also can be used for food seasoning.
According to those benefits, yellow tofu that made from turmeric also expected can increase health’s body. You can make yellow tofu by yourself at home if you are not sure to consume yellow tofu from market. And here is the recipe how to make yellow tofu.

  1. White tofu, 8 chunks of tofu
 Blended seasoning:
  1. Turmeric, 50 gram
  2. Salt, ½ teaspoon
  3. White pepper, ½ teaspoon
  4. Water, 1 L
 How to cook yellow tofu:
  1. Boil water in the cooking pan, then add the blended seasoning.
  2. Put the white tofu into cooking pan. And cooking for about 10 – 15.
  3. Turn the white tofu side by side so that the color of yellow tofu will be spread evenly.
  4. Cook the tofu until you get yellow color as you desired.
  5. Lift the tofu after done and strain it.
  6. Yellow tofu is ready to be processed.

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