Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Make Rujak (Fruits Salad)

Rujak is one of unique dish especially for you who never eat this dish. Probably it seems strange because you eat fruits with hot chili pepper and make your mouth burnt. Actually, rujak is one of dish that popular in Indonesia. 
You can use many fruits to make rujak, such as pineapple, rose water, cucumber, papaya, and mango. To make rujak, you need brown sugar to make delicious rujak sauce. And here is step how to make rujak.

  1. Cucumber, 2 sticks (sliced thin and diagonally)
  2. Rose water, 100 gram (sliced become two)
  3. Whole pineapple, (get rid the skin and then sliced small)
  4. Mango, 1 (peeled and then sliced small)
Seasonings to make rujak sauce (mashed)
  1. Red hot chili pepper, 2
  2. Salt, 1/6 teaspoon
  3. Terasi or shrimp pasta, 1/6 teaspoon
  4. Brown sugar, 75 gram
  5. Sliced of cucumber, 3
  6. Tamarind water, 1 tablespoon
Direction to make rujak sauce
  1. Mash all of seasonings to make rujak sauce.
  1. Put slice of fruit, mango, cucumber, rose water, and pineapple on the plate.
  2. Serve together with rujak sauce.
  3. Rujak is ready.

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