Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beef Brisket Noodle Soup

Beef brisket noodle soup

Beef brisket noodle soup has delicious taste because it rich with condiment. It is also tasty with special broth that has light flavor. You can eat beef brisket noodle soup with rice or with chips. Here is the recipe how to make beef brisket noodle soup.

  1. Beef brisket, 500 gram
  2. Foot of cow (kikil, Indonesian name), 250 gram (boiled until soft then finely chopped) *optional
  3. Noodle, 250 gram (poured hot water, then strained)
  4. Thin rice noodle, 250 gram (poured hot water, then strained)
  5. Water, 2 L
  6. Cabbage, 250 gram (sliced thin)
  7. Orange leaf, 8
  8. Bay leaf, 3
  9. Lemongrass, 2
  10. Tomato, 4 (finely chopped)
  11. Oil, 3 tablespoons
Pounded seasonings:
  1. Red shallot, 10
  2. Garlic, 8
  3. Salt, 1 teaspoon
  4. Candlenut, 6
  5. White pepper, 1 teaspoon
  6. Dried shrimp, 1 teaspoon
  1. Leeks, 1 rod (finely chopped)
  2. Celery, 1 rod (finely chopped)
  3. Fried red shallot
  4. Spicy dish
  5. Sweet soy sauce
  6. Eggroll
  7. Lime, sliced

  1. Boil beef brisket and 1 tablespoon salt and little bit of white pepper in the closed sauce pan until soft.
  2. Afterwards, remove the beef brisket, then chopped 2 x 2 x cm. Set aside.
  3. Filter the broth of beef brisket then put in the sauce pan.
  4. Sauté the ingredients in the frying pan. Put bay leaf, lemongrass, and orange leaf into frying pan.
  5. After done, pour the ingredient into the broth of beef brisket in the sauce pan.
  6. Add the beef brisket and chopped foot of cow into sauce pan.
  7. Cook the broth of ingredient and beef brisket in the medium flame for about 20 minutes until boiled. Then, remove and set aside.
  8. Preparation of beef brisket noodle soup : Put noodle and thin rice noodle into a bowl. Add slice of cabbage, tomato, slice of beef brisket and foot of cow. Pour the broth of beef brisket. Sprinkle with slice of leeks, celery, and fried red shallot.
  9. You can eat beef brisket noodle soup with chips, sweet soy sauce, slice of lime, and spicy dish.

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