Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The History and Variety of Sate

Sate, satay or satai is made from pieces of meat such as chicken, goat, sheep, cow, fish, and many more. The meat is chopped small and skewered by satay skewer and the skewer is usually made from bamboo. Afterwards, the meat is roasted using wood charcoal embers. Then, satay is served by vary of seasoning that depend to the variety of recipes.
Originally, satay is come from Java, Indonesia in the early 19th century. At that time, there were tradesmen from Arab came to Indonesia. This became a reason for the usage of meat from goat and sheep because it was preferred by Arabian tradesmen. But now, satay is also popular in different countries in South East Asia, for instance Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Filipina. Satay is also popular in Dutch that influenced by Indonesian food because Indonesia was part of Dutch’s colony. Japanese version of satay is called as yakitori.
The recipe of how to make satay are various depending to each regions. Most of meat can be made satay and Indonesia has so many recipe of satay which it rich of taste. Usually, satay is poured by sauce. And the sauce of satay can be ketchup sauce or peanut sauce. For duck satay, the complete menus are satay, sweet peanut sauce, spicy dish, slices of tomato and cucumber. Then, satay is served by warm rice, lontong (food consisting of rice steamed in a banana leaf) or ketupat (rice cake boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves).
Currently, there are 20th recipes of satay that are exists in Indonesia and each satay is called according to the original region. For instance, satay kelopo Suroboyo from Surabaya, satay bumbon Pekalongan from Pekalongan, satay Pentul Palembang, satay udang Tuban. The main ingredients for those satay are made from goat and peanut sauce. Besides, satay goat buntel is made from chopped goat’s meat and it is wrapped by goat’s fat. After that, the meat is arranged in the satay skewer and roasted. The aroma of this kind of satay is so special because it is come from roasted meat and from goat fat. 
There is also satay that made from cow’s meat, such as from satay bumbon Pekalongan, sweet taste Pasundan or satay Makasar. There are also other basic ingredient to make satay, such as from cow’s intestines, shrimp, scallop, or snapper, rabbit meat, chicken meat, and tempe.

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