Saturday, November 19, 2011

Simple Way to Make Teriyaki Sauce for Japanese Food

This recipe is made to create 1 L teriyaki sauce. One of ingredient to make teriyaki sauce is mirin. Mirin is tradition seasoning for Japanese food and it is contain alcohol. Mirin has yellow color, sweet taste, contain sugar 40 – 50%, and alcohol 14%. Mirin is used for Japanese dish which it processed by nimono way (boiled by salty soy sauce and dashi) and mixture for variety of sauce such as for kabayaki (tare), sauce for soba (soba-tsuyu), sauce for tempura (tentsuyu) and teriyaki sauce.
Content of alcohol inside mirin can relieve the odor of fish and reduce broken risk when the food is cooked. The content of mirin also can be used to add sweet flavor for the food you cook and to make your food has good smell. And here is the simple way to make teriyaki sauce.

Ingredients to make teriyaki sauce
  1. Mirin, 500 ml
  2. Shoyu (Japanese soy sauce), 500 ml
  3. Broth, 500 ml *
  4. Sugar, 400 gram
Direction to make teriyaki sauce:
  1. Boil all of ingredients so that the alcohol inside mirin evaporates.
  2. Simmer the sauce with small heat for 30 minutes until the broth thick.
  3. Remove the sauce and filtered.
  4. Let the sauce cool in the temperature room and can be kept in the refrigerator for many days.
  1. Meat teriyaki sauce use meat broth that made from beef with low fat, water, onion, and leeks. Boil the broth until you get half portion, and then filtered. To make 500 ml broth, you can blend onion (3), leeks (2 rods and finely chopped), water (700 ml).
  2. Seafood teriyaki sauce (fish, shrimp, squid) use fish broth. The broth is made from head of fish, fish’s bone, water, ginger, and garlic. Boil the broth until you get half portion and then filtered. To make 500 ml broth, you can blend garlic (3), ginger (2 cm), water (600 ml).
  3. The taste of salty and sweet of you sauce is depend to your desire.

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