Monday, October 31, 2011

How to Make Tofu?

Do you ever hear about tofu? Yes, tofu is well know as food that contains high proteins because tofu is made from yellow soybean and rich of phyto-protein. Protein is very good for body's growth, particularly for kid during their growth period.
If you want to make tofu by yourself, it is possible because it is easy. Just follow the procedures and eventually, you can eat tofu that made by yourself.

How to make tofu?
1. Soybean, 5 kg
2. CaSO4, 1 gram or 4 ml vinegar

1.   Wash the soybean until clean from dirt.
2.  Soak the soybean in the water. For good soybean, you can soak for 4 - 5 hours, and for medium or worse you can soak for 10 hours.
3.  Clean back the soybean with clean water 2 - 3 times.
4.  Drain the soybean. Then, soybean is ready to be grind.
5.  In order to make grinding process easy and give good result, add water when you grind the soybean. You can user grinder, blender, or juicer.
6.  Boil the porridge of soybean on hot fire for about 15 - 20 minutes.
7.  Foam will come out when the porridge of soybean boiled. Remove the foam when it comes out and let the porridge of soybean boiled for 10 hours.
8.  Lift the porridge of soybean from hot fire. Afterward, remove and strain it using gauze. Rinse the dregs of porridge soybean by clean water.
9.  Squeeze the porridge of soybean from gauze until you get the extract of soybean as much as possible.
10. Afterwards, clod the extract of soybean by adding liquid 5 ml vinegar with 1 L extract of tofu (4ml vinegar : 1 L extract of tofu) and keep stir the dough of tofu.
11.  After hushing the extract of tofu, it will come little big hank of tofu and it will come down.
12.  Remove the water on the sediment of tofu as much as possible.
13.  Mold the tofu by using load on the tofu.
14.  After 10 to 15 minutes, you will get the tofu that made by yourself.

1.  You can buy equipment to grind the soybean in the machine store.
2.  In order to get good tofu, you can load it by using stone.
3.  Vinegar can be bought in the chemical store.

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