Thursday, November 24, 2011

Drinking : How to Make Tomato Juice

Tomato for juice
Tomato is one of fruit that popular to be processed become juice. Tomato is rich with vitamin A and C to increase immunity. Besides that, tomato is usually used for culinary ingredient such as for soup, pasta, and many more. The taste of tomato is little bit sour and it can stimulate appetite.
There are two colors of tomato, red and green. The difference of color shows the content of vitamin. But, you better consume red tomato than green because red tomato content high vitamin C and A 5 times than green tomato. Red color in the tomato content lycopene which it good as antioxidant to destroy free radical in the body because of cigarette, pollution, and UV ray.
According to those benefits, it is good to consume tomato juice so that we can get natural vitamin A and C. And here is the recipe how to make fresh tomato juice.

  1. Big tomato, 2 (washed)
  2. Lemon juice, 1 tablespoon
  3. Celery, 1 rod (chopped)
  4. Boiled Water, 150 ml
  5. Hot water, 400 ml
  6. Honey, 2 tablespoon *optional
  7. Ice, 50 gram *optional
How to make tomato juice:
  1. Prepare a bowl and put the tomato in there.
  2. Pour hot water into the bowl and soak the tomato for about 2 minutes until the skin released so that it will be easier to get rid its skin.
  3. Chop the tomato and set aside.
  4. Blend the chopped tomato, celery, lemon juice, ice, honey, and water in the blender until soft.
  5. Filter the tomato juice in pour it into a glass.
  6. Tomato juice is ready.
  1. If you do not like sweet taste of tomato juice, you do not need to add honey.
  2. Add ice if you want to drink tomato juice directly, but if not you do not need to add ice. Just keep it in the refrigerator.
  3. Choose the ripe tomato so that the taste not too sour.

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