Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to Make Meatball?

Before we talk about how to make meatball, initially we will discuss about what meat we can use to make meatball. However, you can use many materials to make meatball, such as:

If you want to make meatball from meat, you supposed to choose fresh meat, free from tendon and little bit fat to produce the best quality of meatball, such as front thigh and rib meat. If you want to make tendon meatball, you can choose meat from crossing of arms or legs. Fresher meat you take to make meatball, you will get good quality of meatball.

Fish meatball can be made from fish which it has white meat such as mackerel, grouper, cork fish, and snapper. Those fishes would give clean and white meatball (not dark) and it has chewy texture. Besides that, commonly fish with white meat contain high protein, more solid, and easy to be processed. Fish meatball that has good quality has white color, shining with chewy texture, soft, and no fiber.

Choose fresh shrimp and take out the long antenna, head, and skin. Squeeze the shrimp with salt carefully. Wash it and mince the shrimp smoothly.

The meat of chicken is not as chewy as meat, but now you can use it to make meatball. All you can do is taking free bone of chicken meat. Choose fresh, healthy and not so old chicken to get good quality of chicken meatball.

How to make meatball
  1. Meat, 300 gram 
  2. Salt, 1 teaspoon of salt 
  3. White pepper, ½ teaspoon 
  4. White egg, 1 
  5. Garlic, 2 chopped 
  6. Starch flour, 1 – 2 tablespoons. 
  7. Ice water, 100 ml

How to make the dough of meatball
  1. For making the dough of meatball, slice the meatball, afterward chop smoothly by sharp knife, food processor, or blender. 
  2. After you get soft dough of meat, knead the dough by ice water (10 -15% from the weight of meat) and salt (other ingredients) until you get dull and elastic of dough so that it will be more easy to be shaped. 
  3. Slowly, add starch flour in order to make the dough more solid. The addition of starch flour only 15 – 20% from the weight of meat in order to get delicious taste of meatball. 
  4. However, you can make creation by mixing and adding other ingredients into the dough of meatball to have other texture and taste, such as meat of chicken, shrimp, or mushroom. Other ingredients that you can mix with the meat are such as white egg, panir flour, cheese biscuit, salty biscuit, tofu, scallions, onion. Just add little bit of those additions so that the taste of meatball still original.

How to shape the dough of meatball
  1. After you get desirable dough of meatball, you can directly shape the meatball by using two spoons. 
  2. Take the dough of meatball by spoon then shape it round by helping of other spoon. 
  3. If you want to try shaping meatball by your hands, you can take a hand of dough, knead and press toward thumb. 
  4. The dough that come out from the thumb and pointing finger will form round shape. 
  5. In order the dough not sticky, spread the oil to your palm and directly boil the meatball in the hot water or you boil the water first. 
  6. The cooked meatball is meatball that floating on the surface of water. Commonly, you only need 10 – 15 minutes to boil the meatball. 
  7. Afterwards, lift the meatball, drain, and cool in the standard temperature.

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